Test Cover Image of:  Essays in the History of Canadian Law

Essays in the History of Canadian Law

Volume II

Edited by: David Flaherty

This volume is the second in the Essays in the History of Canadian Law series, designed to illustrate the wide possibilities for research and writing in Canadian legal history.

Author Information

FlahertyDavid H.:

David H. Flaherty is a professor emeritus in the Departments of History and Law at the University of Western Ontario and an adjunct professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria.


Bradley Adams:
'From almost every standpoint it is an exceptional accomplishment. The mature scholarship in this volume testifies again to the careful and insistent hand of editor Flaherty.'

John P.S. McLaren:
'Both the Osgoode Society and Professor Flaherty are to be commended for their parts in fostering and publishing these works of significant quality.'

Albert Kiralfy:
'This well researched and lucidly written collection is placed extremely well in the social, economic and political history of the subject.'

Audience: College/higher education;