Test Cover Image of:  Canada and the Far East, 1940-1953

Canada and the Far East, 1940-1953


Series: Heritage

This book brings together and interprets the information relating to Canada's contacts with Asiatic countries since the beginning of the Second World War. Lucidly written and freshly presented, it will be of great interest to everyone concerned with international affairs.

Author Information

AngusH. F.:

H.F. Angus was born at Victoria, B.C., in 1891, and was a graduate of McGill University and of Balliol College, Oxford. After serving in the armed forces from 1914 to 1919, he joined the staff of the University of British Columbia, where he became Head of the Department of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology, and Dean of Graduate Studies. He is the author of The Problem of Peaceful Change in the Pacific Area, 1937; and editor and co-author of Canada and Her Great Neighbour, 1938, and British Columbia and the United States, 1942.

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