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Prisoners of Isolation

Solitary Confinement in Canada

Series: Heritage
What is it really like in 'the hole'? On what basis do prison officials employ the most drastic of carceral punishments – solitary confinement – and to what effect? Michael Jackson, lawyer, professor, activist, made a point of finding. It is clear from his findings that prison officials continue to violate human rights.

Author Information


Michael Jackson is a professor emeritus in the Faculty of Law of the University of British Columbia.


The Honourable Thomas R. Berger:

'This is not a book just for lawyers and law students. It is addressed to the concerned citizen ... Jackson shows how institutions and practices, once established, lead to a state of mind in which no alternative seems feasible.

'What then to do about men whom the prison authorities feel they cannot handle in any way except isolation? ... Jackson's book is remarkable in that is presents a model for reform.'

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